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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Necklaces Are More Than Decoration

Wear jewelry that has been with us across the ages with both men and women who are looking to adorn their persons with these ornamental devices. Jewelry is an anglicized from the Old French word "joule" (jewel), but origins can be traced back to the Latin word "jocale" which means toys.

Although we tend to think of jewelry made of precious metals and gems a long time, it has been made from a variety of materials such as fabric, wood, shells, stones and rocks. In fact, people have been very creative and artistic in creating jewelry from just about anything, and in many different styles from plain and simple to the highly complex. Items of jewelry have also been adopted as a symbol of the potential wear and even to expel evil spirits or to help defeat the enemy in battle.

The wearing of jewelry is more than decoration, such as crosses or crucifixes, necklaces worn by Christians as a symbol of religious potential. Of other religious necklace pendant is known as a mascot or symbol, which is several different shapes and sizes hanging on a chain around his neck.

Necklace lockets, often called the heart to wear as a symbol of love and open up to reveal a picture or a lock of hair from the cherished one.

Necklace and pendant worn around the neck pendant. It usually refers to an object that can be hung from the hanging chain earrings or neck. Choker styles necklace is worn. The Internet can also be a pendant around his neck and hanging from it.

Perhaps the most bizarre of people worn the necklace of Dong Long Neck is part of the Karen tribes living along the border between Thailand and Burma from the age of 6 years, the brass ring is snapped around his neck. Woman, every year a few of the limitations of the ring 20, although there was one record that has 28 around her neck as they progress from childhood to the women, their necks evident though. What really happens, is that the weight of the ring over the women's collarbones giving the illusion of a long neck.

It is said that these women simply remove the brass ring on the night of their wedding, with long drawn out process that involves dealing with neck much washing. Brass is often a tendency to change color, one can imagine that there might be a nasty green color than the ring. After the wedding night, the ring will be replaced and must be in place for the life of the woman is the neck muscles are not strong enough to support the length of the neck and the weight of his own head.

Equip this ring a practice adopted by women in South Africa, and especially those from tribal Ndebele and these women have often been referred to as a giraffe because long necks of their women wear Ndebele traditional copper mineral and brass. Rings all over their necks, arms and legs as a symbol of their station in society, and that it is a symbol of the marriage bond and faithfulness to her husband. Husband to provide his wife with these rings and the ring of her wealthy spouse to wear and they will be removed after his death, as they believe that they have strong ritual powers.

Thanks to the Padaung and Ndebele tribes practice this is not popular and is in favor of the more common kinds of necklaces.

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