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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Ultimate Choice of Stunning Silver Bracelets for Women

Silver bracelets are a number of accessories for women to make an impressive statement of fashion. Of course, this kind of metal accessories elegant and complete equipment almost every hour that go from traditional to wear and casual office. Jewelry pieces are simple, elegant and sophisticated.

Perhaps this is why silver bracelets for women are praised as a case essential for every woman added. There is no shortage of variety when it comes to silver bracelets women. The variety is endless, in terms of size, shape, floral designs and colored gemstones. You may also consider different options of material - silver, sterling silver, mixed with copper and silver.

There is no denying that silver has always counted as the most precious metals among women, after gold and diamonds. Usually pure silver is too soft, malleable and ductile. The softness makes it very easy for jewelers who work with the design. In its pure form, this is an expensive noble metal. To make small accessories durable and affordable silver, silver metal (92.5%) is mixed with 7.5% copper metal for sterling silver. This helps a lot to improve the ductility and preserve the charm of silver metal.

Like gold, silver jewelry does not react (or oxidized) after contact with sulfides in the atmosphere. However, the amount mixed of metals such as copper, zinc and nickel get oxidized and produces dark bracelet silver piece after some time. The best part is that silver yellow is a reversible reaction, and the sleek look of the bracelet can be restored by polishing.

To clean the fashion accessory bracelet pound of silver, you can also use a liquid detergent soft and delicate. But be sure not to contact abrasives such as acetone, chlorine and bleach. This way, you can keep the charm of this precious element and valuable for a longer period of time.

Silver bracelets not only increase the aesthetic value of his personality, but they are very good for our health. They have excellent antibiotic and sterilization effect. They have a toxic effect on some bacteria, viruses and fungi. They contribute a lot to keep our blood vessels elastic, which is important for bone formation and healing and skin formation and repair.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a stylish silver bracelet with designs of flowers and brightly colored gemstones. For the best deals, consider exploring online shopping portals as Kadokadi, Ebay and Amazon. Happy shopping!

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