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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Top Five Diamond Ring Design

Fashion is not the only market trends; including cars, houses and even diamond jewelry has a say in the global trend. So what is fashionable and what is not? To keep pace with the latest trends can be tedious, especially in this dynamic world, so we must always be alert to the latest trends at all times.

Engagement ring trends have completely changed the idea of ​​traditional solitaire engagement ring on one side. Today, more and more couples are trying to come up with something totally unique in color and a vintage look virtually transmit the taste and style of an individual. Here are 5 trends diamond ring construction that will punctuate the 2015th

1. Halo Diamond

It may be little, but this beauty was among the most popular style diamond engagement ring in 2014 and is expected to remain strong in 2015. You can never go wrong with a halo engagement ring; this spectacular gem is a diamond solitaire brilliant jewel centered, and around it are less diamonds sparkling halo. With a short extraordinary creative center as pear, cushion or oval diamond for its unique twist, which has one of the most desired styles 2015

2. Engagement Ring Princess Cut Diamond

It is expected that this style to the BIG 2015. trend engagement ring princess cut diamond offers a dramatic shift in contemporary engagement rings. The square cuts and sharp edges give it a striking appearance and incredible shine and luster. This type of diamond engagement rings are the most sought, therefore, believes that bring timeless elegance to another level of 2015

3. The color diamond rings

Because Princess Kate, sapphire engagement rings are back in style! New brides in 2015 certainly more elegant colors diamonds and colored gemstones are incorporated in their designs. Colored gemstones can be a number of things, including the confused traditions and month of birth. Currently, gems blue tones are rather limited. Ceylon sapphires are a great investment, not to mention the unique and dazzling.

4. Touches of pink and yellow gold

Platinum and white gold has been setting the trend for a while not, but it's time they step aside as offered in classic and warm yellow gold, pink gold romantic. Celebrities like Leighton Meester, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Anniston has been rocking the classic yellow gold bling.

5. Fancy Diamond Shapes

Asscher and cushion among other fancy diamond cuts is setting the trend for 2015, a vintage-inspired art deco look. Diamond Cushion romantic silhouette slowly takes on the traditional diamond princess and brilliant cut round shapes.

Diamonds have that extra spark and maintain a sense of life of each individual. Experiment with new colors, shapes and styles will be the trend for 2015
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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Ultimate Choice of Stunning Silver Bracelets for Women

Silver bracelets are a number of accessories for women to make an impressive statement of fashion. Of course, this kind of metal accessories elegant and complete equipment almost every hour that go from traditional to wear and casual office. Jewelry pieces are simple, elegant and sophisticated.

Perhaps this is why silver bracelets for women are praised as a case essential for every woman added. There is no shortage of variety when it comes to silver bracelets women. The variety is endless, in terms of size, shape, floral designs and colored gemstones. You may also consider different options of material - silver, sterling silver, mixed with copper and silver.

There is no denying that silver has always counted as the most precious metals among women, after gold and diamonds. Usually pure silver is too soft, malleable and ductile. The softness makes it very easy for jewelers who work with the design. In its pure form, this is an expensive noble metal. To make small accessories durable and affordable silver, silver metal (92.5%) is mixed with 7.5% copper metal for sterling silver. This helps a lot to improve the ductility and preserve the charm of silver metal.

Like gold, silver jewelry does not react (or oxidized) after contact with sulfides in the atmosphere. However, the amount mixed of metals such as copper, zinc and nickel get oxidized and produces dark bracelet silver piece after some time. The best part is that silver yellow is a reversible reaction, and the sleek look of the bracelet can be restored by polishing.

To clean the fashion accessory bracelet pound of silver, you can also use a liquid detergent soft and delicate. But be sure not to contact abrasives such as acetone, chlorine and bleach. This way, you can keep the charm of this precious element and valuable for a longer period of time.

Silver bracelets not only increase the aesthetic value of his personality, but they are very good for our health. They have excellent antibiotic and sterilization effect. They have a toxic effect on some bacteria, viruses and fungi. They contribute a lot to keep our blood vessels elastic, which is important for bone formation and healing and skin formation and repair.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a stylish silver bracelet with designs of flowers and brightly colored gemstones. For the best deals, consider exploring online shopping portals as Kadokadi, Ebay and Amazon. Happy shopping!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Impress Your Man With a Charming Tacori Ring

If you've been looking for a gift with which you can surprise your partner this Christmas Eve, and then click Tacori ring men. They are classy, ​​elegant and stylish and are available in different models and designs. Christmas is in the gift something special for our beloved was. So this year, your man is a "circle of love '. To buy a ring that will last for many Christmases to come. The specialty of the rings from Tacori is that will go with almost any outfit whether formal or informal gift.

Each ring is made of high quality metal. You have the option to choose between platinum, white gold and titanium. The choice of one of these metals according to your preference and choice. All metals are quality tested several times before at home craft designer rings. As such, each of these Tacori rings are handmade. You will also find various collections that have been used two different types of metals to create a ring. For example, yellow gold and rose gold or platinum and titanium are used together to instill a taste color rings. Since these rings are created specifically for men who are simple in design, smooth cut and finished smooth. Unlike rings for women that are not made with different types of precious stones embedded in the ring. There is also the intricate filigree work done on the rings.

Another thing you will notice is that each of the Tacori rings are created keeping in mind the sense and sensibility of a man. Usually people do not feel comfortable with ornaments and something they need to use on a regular basis and therefore tend to fidget with it. As such Tacori has meant that these rings are available with the 'made ​​to measure', which will make sure that the ring fits perfectly and is neither too big nor too small for your man does not experience any problems.

So you see you're getting so many different features you will not find with this ring normally. What are you waiting for? This is the best way to surprise your man this year. Every time an attempt is made to surprise. Then turn the table this year and surprise him with Tacori ring I looking smart and elegant design that will make you fall in love with you again. So you see, it's so easy to charm your man. All you need is a bit 'of effort on your part.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How To Grade Your Fashion Jewelry?

Fashion jewelry graded can add a dose of glamour to your look. Fashion jewelry Stratification is also one of the major trends this season. You can overlay almost any type of jewelry, whether necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Want to make layered fashion jewelry? The trick is to not be afraid of making mistakes. Continue to experiment with different types and styles of jewelry for a look that you like. Me, trust in the possibility of making mistakes while layers of fashion jewelry is very low, almost negligible. Layers jewelry helps achieve a new look with your existing jewelry is like wearing a new piece of jewelry every time. 

Did I mention that jewelry is an easy art layers, but if you are still intimidated by the idea that, here are some tips to help you superimpose your jewelry in a better way are presented:

You can layer necklaces of different lengths and textures for a seductive look. Combine long and short, loved the colors, beads and metal. Although similar in length necklaces look good too, but different lengths of necklaces to make it more visually appealing. You can use simple strings of different lengths, or can combine a colored beads with metal for a glamorous look.

Create a stack of bangles and bracelets. Start with a lively center stack and build around it by adding some decorative bracelets and bangles. You must have heard of the famous arm candy, where cells are created using various bracelets. A nice touch would be to add to the stack bracelets to give a sharp look.

Stack ankle. Not only the layers of necklaces and bracelets are fine, but the layers are too cowardly anklets. Mix different colors and textures for boho chic. For example, you can associate a black with a gold anklet, looks different and stylish. Ankle stratification also draws attention to your beautiful feet treated.

All the anger was about the cocktail ring this season. Stacked rings look great too skinny. They make your fingers appear long and slender and gives a look that is different from the appearance of the common cocktail ring. You can accumulate strips or plain rings with small motifs and rhinestones look good when used together.

Do not just simply build different textures and contrasting colors for a unique look and stand out from the crowd, even the regular jewelry. Once you know how to layer jewelry, it also becomes very important to know the right places to buy jewelry. Exporters of fashion jewelry are a good source of unique and vibrant designs.

Do not just simply build different textures and contrasting colors for a unique look and stand out from the crowd, even the regular jewelry. Once you know how to layer jewelry, it also becomes very important to know the right places to buy jewelry. Exporters of fashion jewelry are a good source of unique and vibrant designs.

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