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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Top Five Diamond Ring Design

Fashion is not the only market trends; including cars, houses and even diamond jewelry has a say in the global trend. So what is fashionable and what is not? To keep pace with the latest trends can be tedious, especially in this dynamic world, so we must always be alert to the latest trends at all times.

Engagement ring trends have completely changed the idea of ​​traditional solitaire engagement ring on one side. Today, more and more couples are trying to come up with something totally unique in color and a vintage look virtually transmit the taste and style of an individual. Here are 5 trends diamond ring construction that will punctuate the 2015th

1. Halo Diamond

It may be little, but this beauty was among the most popular style diamond engagement ring in 2014 and is expected to remain strong in 2015. You can never go wrong with a halo engagement ring; this spectacular gem is a diamond solitaire brilliant jewel centered, and around it are less diamonds sparkling halo. With a short extraordinary creative center as pear, cushion or oval diamond for its unique twist, which has one of the most desired styles 2015

2. Engagement Ring Princess Cut Diamond

It is expected that this style to the BIG 2015. trend engagement ring princess cut diamond offers a dramatic shift in contemporary engagement rings. The square cuts and sharp edges give it a striking appearance and incredible shine and luster. This type of diamond engagement rings are the most sought, therefore, believes that bring timeless elegance to another level of 2015

3. The color diamond rings

Because Princess Kate, sapphire engagement rings are back in style! New brides in 2015 certainly more elegant colors diamonds and colored gemstones are incorporated in their designs. Colored gemstones can be a number of things, including the confused traditions and month of birth. Currently, gems blue tones are rather limited. Ceylon sapphires are a great investment, not to mention the unique and dazzling.

4. Touches of pink and yellow gold

Platinum and white gold has been setting the trend for a while not, but it's time they step aside as offered in classic and warm yellow gold, pink gold romantic. Celebrities like Leighton Meester, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Anniston has been rocking the classic yellow gold bling.

5. Fancy Diamond Shapes

Asscher and cushion among other fancy diamond cuts is setting the trend for 2015, a vintage-inspired art deco look. Diamond Cushion romantic silhouette slowly takes on the traditional diamond princess and brilliant cut round shapes.

Diamonds have that extra spark and maintain a sense of life of each individual. Experiment with new colors, shapes and styles will be the trend for 2015

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