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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Metallic Jewelry Trend

Metal jewelry has always been a classic. The metallic jewelry trend has stood the test of time and the seasons. Although, you can wear metal jewelry , in every season, but the winter is a good time for metal jewelry as it goes quite well with the dark tones of winter clothing. We all know that our winter wardrobe tend to be mostly black and gray, and metal jewelry, be it silver or gold looks great in these colors. Although, styling metal jewelry is quite easy following tips can help you style in a better way :

Wear full metal handcuffs long-sleeved shirts for a fashion forward and stylish look. You can also wear over bulky sweaters to add a touch of glamor to the overall look .

Couple necklace of metal chains over high collar sweater , the look will keep you warm and fashionable. The metallic color of the necklace will add just the right amount of glow in the dark your equipment.

Link chain necklaces metal are a huge trend for spring / summer '13 . It will also be a great success for the next season, which is the fall / winter 13-14 as well. While most of the neon versions of this series was in progress, the winters will see more than metal versions of the necklace. No matter what color or style , link chain necklaces are here to stay.

Metal jewelry adds a grunge moment to your look , your dress gives a feeling sharp and dressing of power. The metal jewelry is available in many different designs , you will surely find one that suits your style.

Wear the ring knuckle fashionable for more than a rocker chic look . Now you need to accumulate a heavy leather jacket and knee high boots to complete the look . Just add a little ' funky metal jewelry to get the look rocker chic.

Stylish metal handcuffs going to make a huge statement this season as well . A variety of metal bushings are available, including gold, silver , animated, weaving to name a few . Whether skinny or big, handcuffs is definitely the piece of jewelry in progress . Put a cap oxidized and tidy , you need no other accessory to lift your equipment. The oxidized finish gives it an antique look that adds to the trend quotient.

Another great way to get a unique look , with metallic jewelry is mixing different metallic colors such as silver, gold and rose gold. Not only jewelry that is available in various metallic colors. You can also get a similar look with fashion jewelry relatively affordable . A good source to purchase the suppliers of fashion jewelry stock trendy and unique designs fashion jewelry.

You can also get a similar look with fashion jewelry relatively affordable . A good source to buy suppliers of fashion jewelry stock trendy design and unique fashion jewelry.

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