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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Faking Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings can range in price from very expensive to very affordable . Depending on your budget , there is always a wide variety of rings are available . There are many alternatives to the expensive jewelry that you see on celebrities. Just because they have millions of dollars, and they do not do it, does not mean you can not imitate their different tastes and fashion styles . There are many websites and jewelry stores that specialize in replica celebrity jewelry at a fraction of the cost. At first glance , no one will know that it is a scam so they will gush into your beautiful jewelry .

Most young women in the U.S. are almost obsessed with celebrities. They want to emulate their every decision to fashion. From their clothes and shoes for their cars and jewelry, women want to experience the magnificent world where he lives most of the celebrities . It is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. This could not be more true for the way in which most women idolize celebrities. It simply boils down to people generally want to escape from everyday life. Want to live in a fantasy world where their only worry in the world is to land in their private jets . Although this type of thinking can be very damaging if it controls your life, but there may be a silver lining in this line of thought .

If you are overwhelmed by life, why not escape in a simple environment . Most people have no finances or resources to achieve this result , in order to put back on an elaborate dream fantasy day. If this is the coping mechanism they need to overcome a bad week at work, then so be it . If you want to mimic your favorite celebrity on weekends to go out on the town dressed to the nine as they would then be my guest ! There are much worse things you can do with your time. Study the way of your favorite celebrity style and fashion will help you buy the right type of jewelry and clothes for your collection. With this information , then you can succeed in your fantasy night on the town.

So do not worry if you can not afford the $ twelve million diamond engagement rings that you see on almost every celebrity. If it came down to it, I bet that celebrities would be willing to spend my life with you by the opposite reasons that you want to emulate them.

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