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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rings For Present Your Love

It was a warm and sunny spring afternoon. The air was crisp, and the traces of scent of jasmine and my mother hung in the air. He was getting ready to go to church. Other family members were bustling about. Wave of enthusiasm and emotion is moving around the house. Yet, there sat my beautiful and brilliant mother. He was calm. He had a simple, gold ring in the chest. He smiled. I wondered about that day often. Even my wedding I thought back to that moment. One moment he was about to start from scratch and create a new life, a man who adored and loved. The man who did not expect to walk in our world. Yet here he was about to walk up to him and I promise throughout its life.

There was a big event in her second marriage. After all, this was a post-war, and we just do not do things like we used to. First of all, the whole city we have grown to become the South was my mother and my father's wedding parade. The streets were full of supporters and loving wedding benches were full. You see, my father was the mayor's son. My mother was the daughter of the local pastor. In the south, this was a great event preacher's daughter married next mayor, or even a senator.

I remember most fondly the story of how they chose the wedding rings. Most of the women went to a local jeweler and had to order something from the list. In big cities has always been more to choose from. In addition to church every Sunday and taxes, my mother is not enough to want to do what was expected or traditional. So, when it came to her wedding ring he had other plans in mind.

You see, my mother's father came from a long line of welders and miners. In fact, my family has a long history aside and the poor. In most cities to keep and abused my family for generations. Shortly before the First World War, when I had finally hit. All types of metal and rock band, the pressure comes from. The majority went on to produce and build machines army.

To track generations of our family were greeted by the very different circumstances. While most families have suffered and died during World War I and the Great Depression, the reality prospered and grown. All due to the hard-working men who have broken their backs, and subservient way in the dark to finally find the light at the end of the long tunnel.

Thus, the gold that he forged my mother and my father became very religious to me. My father, then my family came to buy the mother's great-grandfather. This set in motion their future paths cross, in the cross, and they did. Beautiful little girl came to their short union. The second great war was not so kind to us. Still, my mother had to find another gem in the rubble. The day he walked into my stepfather gave me a gold band loved my father had done with him, and kept me on the wedding day. One day soon, I will give it to the little girl.

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