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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gold Jewelry Facts

Planning for jewelry gift? Whether for yourself or for someone you love, find time to get a good foundation on the subject. Learn more about jewelry is a fascinating subject, even if not in the market right now and the more you know, the happier you are when it comes time to make a big purchase.

A jewelry gift can be very expensive. An engagement ring with a diamond, for example, may be one of the biggest purchases I've made. If you are not familiar with a jeweler in your area, ask family, friends or colleagues for recommendations.

Many items are now gold-plated solid gold instead. While gold plated jewelry is very beautiful, and it is often hard to tell from the pieces in solid gold, there's a big difference between gold and gold plated jewelry.

I would like to introduce some made of gold to help you in your decision.

Karat - measuring the purity of gold. Due to the fact gold is too soft to handle stress, it is alloyed with other metals such as silver, nickel, zinc and copper for strength and durability.
24 K = 100% = 92% 22 K, 18 K = 75%, 14% = 58 K, 10 K = 41%
SILVER - if the piece is printed "silver" means that it meets the standard of the Government of the United States of 92.5% silver.
PLATINUM - is more rare than gold and silver, generally mixed with other metals to strengthen.
RHODIUM - often used to coat or plate gold and platinum jewelry to add sparkle to the color.
Vermeil - silver gilt.
I hope this information is useful for the selection of jewelry that offers you the quality and value you want.

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