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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Affordable But Trendy Earrings

If you look around the casinos today all over the world, you will find that many women are now in the gaming scene. It is not uncommon for you to discover women wearing unique accessories and stylish as bracelets, jackets, and even necklaces and carrying a casino theme.

If you know a woman who really enjoys participating in casino games like poker, blackjack and similar games, like the idea that we present in this guide. Behold, I will teach you how to create fashion earrings Cheap Clay Poker Chips!

All you need is a pair Clay Poker Chips, poker some accessories, and a bit 'of creativity on this project! Required materials. Any number of poker chips clay financial, at least two for a set of earrings earring hooks Decorative Art drill or drill a pattern applied using little bit. Two sets of cube that are designed for jewelry pieces for each set of earrings Steps

1. The first thing you need to do to create a series of fashion earrings created by Clay Poker Chips is to collect chips that are attractive to the eye. For the purposes of this project, it is advisable to find Clay Casino Poker Chips that have a design that complements the images of the dice. Of course, you can choose any design. However, for this model, the image of the dice will really set off the look of earrings.

2. Once you have two financial clay poker chips, it's time to get out the drill to be used for the project. In the first place, you want to drill a small hole at the top of the chip clay poker all. So you want to drill a hole in the bottom of the Poker Chip.

3. Then you get to the nuts and jewelry transparency through the bottom hole of poker chips. In general, there will be a clasping device that can close the hole that enters the track. This will help keep the jewelry in place of dice. To ensure comfort, it is important that the pieces of nuts for your earrings are miniatures. Make sure you also get a pair of dice that have the same color clay poker chips real businesses are using to create fashionable earrings.

4. Once the bottom piece is connected to Chip Poker, simply attach the decorative earring hooks onto the hole itself. Often there is a small piece of metal or a small bead to firmly tighten down on top of the chip to keep in place the hook. Be sure to stop this piece so that earrings will remain in one piece. 5. After creating the earring, you can give jewelry as a gift, or keep them for yourself! Create earrings fashion cheap clay poker chips is a simple task. Using supplies, and adding a spark of creativity, you can create a unique fashion statement that is very interesting!

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