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Monday, September 24, 2012

Choosing Perfect Jewelry Box

Gems and jewelry have long been beloved around the world, and boxes and containers that are stored in an equally long history and come in many shapes, sizes and uses. If you're looking for a perfect jewelry box for your collection, this post will give you a brief introduction to the most popular form of jewelry boxes available today.

First let's start with a general overview of what the box. Each box is made of wood or leather, which can be used for storing jewelry box. The term is often used. "Jewelry box" is used as the array size up to 14 cm of small or medium size, they are perfect for keeping jewelry organized and handy and always keep on your desk or on the nightstand near the bed for the price. Small or medium-sized box of these from $ 40 to $ 250, but the average price for a jewelry box that is about $ 100.

For a large collection of small jewelry box is often not enough, and that is the reason why. "Jewelry box" fills an important gap in the market for a jewelry box. Jewelry chests are usually made of wood and often into an inheritance. Boxes of the party itself is very beautiful because they finished mahoganies, cherry, burlwood, maple chest is 12 inches or more in width and lining velvet, hinge carefully designed and often comes with a lock and key. Prices start around $ 100 for a typical chest jewelry estate jewelry chest that you can expect to pay the $ 350 average price for a chest with jewelry under $ 225.

Sometimes even jewelry chest is not big enough to store and organize the collection of jewelry. Here, it is necessary Armoire Jewelry armoire is a real piece of furniture and is the preferred method of storing collections that contain multiple necklaces.

Vanity tops and stationary: Armories jewelry box are two types of Dresser top box with a swing on the high side. The output swings is perfect for storing necklace and armoire with drawers that can provide shared storage for other jewelry besides bracelets. Large wardrobe, dressing table, the average is 10-14 inches wide and 10-14 inches for closet accessories that you can expect to pay from $ 100 to $ 300.

For the largest collection of Jewelry Armoires parapet is a natural choice. They not only jewelry store. It also has storage for scarves and lingerie Armoires Sema truly great pieces of furniture and are crafted with a blend of popular bedroom furniture. The most popular treatment for the armoires are cherry and oak, and in the price range of $ 200-500.

So if you have a small jewelry store that you can start with a small box near the bed or on your dressing table. If your collection is large or if you like driving inheritance can be used as jewelry chest is probably what you need. Finally, for the most amount of storage space, the best choice is the free-standing jewelry armoire or dresser.

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