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Monday, September 3, 2012

Best Fashion Jewelry Needs for Women Today's

Wearing jewelry can help add a bit of sophistication to your dress and draw attention to your best characteristics. Fashion jewelry pieces come in many styles, patterns and colors to suit different requirements, events and tastes. When you are just starting out in building your collection, it's a good idea to start with the essentials.

Start with a few key fashions jeweler pieces like earrings and necklaces. After you get a hang of it and develop your personal taste then you can make more vivid decisions of pieces to add to your fashion jewelry collection.

Sets and Color schemes

Try to keep it easy. You'll never replaced if you are still unsure of what you like in terms of fashion jewelry items. Some gurus suggest sticking with three basic color schemes and sets: black, white pearl jewelry and gold.  These three should be enough to cover you for common events, from casual gatherings to annual formal features. The moment you get a better idea of what you like and what goes well with your features and your wardrobe then you can start adding more daring pieces.


This small gadgets was something that people like to wear. Some of the basic pieces to consider are a pair of formal dangle earrings, pearls, crystal studs, and casual earrings. Stud earrings with white pearls are for slightly more formal or professional trips. Casual earrings are great for going out with friends. You can wear the pearls to the workplace, when making business presentations with clients as well as attending business meetings. Dressy dangles and earrings with crystals or precious stones are best worn during formal events such as gala parties.


The neck spot is another great area that you can stylize. Important pieces include a simple white pearl necklace, statement necklace together with gold or silver necklace with crystals or gems. Identical to ear-rings, a basic pearl necklace can be worn to the office or for business casual events while necklaces with gemstones or crystals are great for formal functions. As the name shows, statement jewelry necklaces demand for your attention. Relying on the look and design of the statement necklace, it might be placed over a casual outfit or more formal dresses. In terms of statement necklaces, one key is to wear dressing or outfits with simpler designs and allow the necklace to be the focus of the clothing collection.

Other Jewelry Pieces

Other gadgets that you can wear include, rings, bracelets as well as watches. A similar guideline apply when it comes to match these types of fashion jewellery pieces with the rest of your clothing. Effectively, jewelry pieces with precious stones should be worn during formal events while pearls are safer for more casual or for business-related functions.


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