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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fashion Jewelry Trends This Season

This season fashion jewelry trends are subtle and little bit retro. All of a winter sweater a little black dress can shine with the help of some selected pieces. So what can we expect to see at parties?

According to Ross-Simons Jewelers, long layered necklaces that affect their lives are a must. Also great are those that can be wrapped around a number of different length periods so that the collar can use the same look for different times of day.

Similarly, the beads are back and more than ever, the jeweler said. You can wrap the son in the neck or wrist to create a surprising emphasis and catchy.

Here are a few other trends that can be expected this season:

* Green in all shades, especially olive oil. Yellow gold is back in vogue.

* The collars of different shapes and sizes - worn at the same time. Each "layer" is a different length and different types. For example, a pearl necklace can be, another perhaps more with fascination, and the third could be even greater with a pendant.

* Semi-precious stones which add a level of sophistication in neutral colors and natural fabrics and soft flowing dresses this season. They can serve a dual purpose, acting as pins or pendants.

* The Bangles, and big stacked, which mix and match textures and colors. The bracelets are also a return since 1970. In fact, the most abundant and delighted, the better. Bracelets in different layers on the wrist is another popular.

* Rings that are big, bold and accented by diamonds. Stacking rings in tri-gold (white, pink and yellow) can be mixed and matched for a unique look.

* The earrings with beads. In a nod to the 80s, these accents are bohemian and feminine and romantic.


  1. Wow great fashion rings.
    I'v pinned these images to my Pinterest boards.

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